Trust: Made in Canada.

    Every day our staff proudly make Devinci bikes in our Canadian factory. We firmly believe in making the most reliable, highest-performing bike, backed by a lifetime warranty, that’s worth every penny. Our commitment to quality and value means we make the right bike in the right factory. Sometimes the right factory is overseas. So, while we don’t make ALL of our bikes in Canada, we make MOST of them here.

    This is the story of the dedicated people and the diligent process behind every Canadian-made Devinci bike.

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    Troy Carbon GX 12S

    Troy Carbon GX 12S

    מחיר רגיל 24,995.00 ₪ מחיר מבצע 19,995.00 ₪ חסכו 20%
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    Troy Carbon GX 12S

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    סוקולוב 90 רמת השרון

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